Are you feeling a giddy frenzy in the air, seeing heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in supermarkets and finding yourself suddenly not being able to book a table for the next weekend at your favorite restaurant? Well, no surprise there, because it's that time of the year - you guessed it, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Cupid's being busy, so why aren't you? Pick a place to take your loved one and don't worry, we'll be providing the best entertainment for you. .

If you have a venue and you're thinking of holding Valentine's Day themed events - or for restaurants and hotel owners that just want some suitably romantic entertainment for their guests - we have compiled for you a list of top entertainment options, that contains a nice balance of traditional and more extravagant ideas for a perfect evening or event.






1. Caricaturist

What best way to leave an endearing memory to the couples that will be having dinner at your restaurant on the 14th, or that booked a suite in your hotel for the night than a caricaturist? It's a classic yet adorable touch, as Clemy is a friendly, elegant and true professional with extensive experience in the artistic entertainment field, that will guarantee laughter and a special souvenir for your guests in less than 2 minutes! You could even make the caricaturist sign it's work with your venue's contacts on the back, this way it'll become a personalized business card - your guests will be surely come back!

2. Sand Artist  

If you decided to celebrate your wedding day on Valentine's Day, look no further for an unusual approach to your special occasion! Doesn't the idea of a Sand Artist showing all your family and friends you and your partner's love story - how you met, how you fell in love, all the fun parts and the sweet ones - in a unique, moving show of sand artistry during dinner, or before cutting the cake? Our Sand Artist will wow you with virtuosity in the field, and will definitely wow your guests make of your wedding the most special of times.

3. Aerials 

Not all venues want traditional entertainment for their Valentine's Day event. The Versailles Show we offer is a visually stunning, as well as singular entertainment option that is ideal for Valentine's Day Themed events. Revive the pompous and luxurious atmosphere of the former glory of the Sun King's court between bridesmaids and courtiers, kings and knights, secret loves and breathtaking duels at the pace of a waltz that bring the memories of a past era, all as acrobatics happening in the air! The classy and extravagant Versailles professionals will stun your clientele, and will ensure everyone will be talking about your event for weeks after.

4. Soul Trio

An amazing voice coupled with the overwhelming rhythmic of the Hammond organ-keyboards and drums, this Trio is a stylish background music option, suited for romantic, intimate Valentine's Day meals. For the traditional entertainment lovers out there, a Jazz/Soul band can be a perfect start to the evening as well as background music for your guests. A unique voice full of soul, amazing bass-line, explosive rhythms and "Jazzy" harmonies, Soul Trio will make your evening exciting and memorable.

5. Crazy Singing Waiters

Are you an entrepreneur that's always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd and surprise your clients? Look no further, the Crazy Singing Waiters are in town! Their show consists in a sort of Candid Camera, in which the actors, fake waiters, develop, playing on misunderstanding, a series of hilarious improvisations around the tables, after serving at the tables impeccably dressed identically to the real waiters. Imagine a crazy proposal from one of your guests with them coming out and serenading at the big moment or a fun dance routine revolving around the love theme during dinner - not only your guests will have the time of your life, also your business will be all over their social media and, trust us, everyone will want to be at your restaurant or hotel for the next year's Valentine's Day!

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