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- I'm not sure which artist I want to perform, can someone help me?
- How can I make a reservation?
- I'm not convinced I want to book an artist online that I do not know, can you give me guarantees and reassure me about his performance?
- What guarantees do I have with Unik Entertainment?
- What happens if the artist cancels his show?
- What happens if I need to cancel the show or postpone it?
- Can I attend an artist's show before booking?
- Can I meet the artist or contact him before booking?
- Can I tell the band which songs to perform?
- What should I provide to the artist and what should I do to ensure the best performance of the show?
- Why choose to book with Unik Entertainment and what's different to offer me compared to other agencies that I find online?
- What are the advantages I get when I book with Unik Entertainment?
- Which payment methods do you accept?
- How do you select the artists and ensure the quality of their performance?
- I witnessed the performance of a local artist, what risks do I encounter by booking without the advice of a support agency?
- What happens if I have to make a claim?

I'm not sure which artist I want to perform, can someone help me?
If you have already chosen an artist online and you want to request information, you can send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , all without reservation. Otherwise to be advised and to find together the best solution for you and for your event you can contact us at 02 87197953, and one of our consultants will be happy to assist you, and will follow you from the request for information until the booking and the date of the event.
The more information and details you give us in relation to the type of entertainment you want, the available budget, the place where the event takes place, the indicative number of participants and the hour, the more we will be able to help you. Do you want a funky, jazz, rock or pop show, lively or relaxing, modern and youthful or sophisticated and elegant? You direct us and create your customized show.

How can I make a reservation?
Select the artist you want and send us an online request or contact us by phone. We will discuss your requests together and contact the artist directly to request confirmation of their availability for the specific event.
When you are completely sure of your choice, you will receive a contract with the requested performance. To confirm the reservation you will also be required to pay a deposit that can be paid by bank transfer, by cash or bank check. Subsequently we will put you in touch directly with the artist.

I'm not convinced I want to book an artist online that I do not know, can you give me guarantees and reassure me about his performance?
We fully understand the concerns arising from booking an artist you have never met. However there are good reasons why you should not worry:
- You have Unik Entertainment as a reference that exists to get you the artist you need, without having to do it all alone and incur risks. We work for you, and to ensure the quality of our artists' performances. To do this we carry out a meticulous selection and continue to monitor our artists during their journey. All our artists are professionals and share our common purpose with us and with you: to make our customers and their guests satisfied and to provide an excellent level of service.
- Each Artist, as you can see on our website, has photos, videos, audio, and a description of his activity. We all make reservations "with our eyes closed" when we book a hotel or a holiday, based on photos, comments, videos, and recommendations from specialized agencies or trusted people...

Which guarantees do I have booking with Unik Entertainment?
When you book an entertainment with Unik Entertainment, you conclude a contract with the artist, who binds the artist to perform at your event, at the times and conditions that you have agreed upon. This contract guarantees both parties. If the artist cannot perform due to greater forces or illness, we assure you our full availability, so you can be contacted to find an alternative solution, such as finding a replacement artist or a replacement band member. Your consultant will also be at your disposal to answer your questions and doubts until the date of the event.

What happens if the artist cancels his show?
Your Unik Entertaiment consultant will do everything possible to limit or repair the inconvenient, using any means at his disposal to find a replacement artist of the same level, service and rate.

What happens if I need to cancel the show or postpone it?
In case of cancellation of the event you will lose the deposit paid, except for the occurrence of an event of force majeure. It will be at the discretion of the artist to request a cancellation fee.

Can I attend an artist show before booking?
In many cases it is not possible because we collaborate with artists who are specialised in private events, to which we cannot have access. In the event that the artist performs publicly we cannot guarantee that until the date of the exhibition you want to assist the artist is still available for the day of your event. Best artists in fact have many dates already agreed and are booked very quickly, so if you find an artist you like we recommend you base your decision on the information, the demos and videos that we provide you, with the support of your consultant.

Can I meet the artist or contact him before booking?
Once you have made a reservation, the artist will contact you directly to discuss the details of the event and your preferences. For any request or information you can always contact your Unik consultant who will be able to answer any of your questions and give you ready solutions.

Can I tell the band which songs to perform?
Many bands prefer to select songs from their repertoire, for which they can guarantee an optimal standard. Feel free to give input and make your requests, but let the band bring its experience on stage and advise you in relation to the choice of the best songs for your show.

What should I provide to the artist and what should I do to ensure the best performance of the show?
Changing room. The presence of a place to comfortably prepare and store their bags and instruments is appreciated by the artist.
Food and beverages. For afternoon performances we recommend providing artists with water, coffee and similar drinks. For the performances that take place in the evening it will be necessary to provide for the meal of the artists who perform and the necessary drinks to support the whole duration of the event (water and coffee). You are not required to provide alcohol.
You must also make sure that all the necessary conditions are met at the place where the exhibition will be performed and all the necessary checks / procedures have been performed to ensure the safety of the participants and the optimal execution of the event.

Why choose to book with Unik Entertainment and what's different to offer me compared to other agencies that I find online?
Unik entertainment has a complete database, extremely equipped with high quality artists, which allows us to offer the best solutions and performances at totally competitive prices. We also have lower artistic rates than other agencies on the market. Did you find the same artist at another agency at a lower price? Let us know and we guarantee you the exhibition at the same price! We do not limit ourselves to the booking of your artist, but we assure you the continuous availability of our Unik consultant and we provide you with customized quotes and information to realize your event. The attention to detail and the satisfaction of our customers are our strength. We are an extremely professional, ethical and organized reality. We apply to our bookings a fixed fee for the service, not discriminating price in relation to people and budget available. We also guarantee the performance of the artist you have chosen: Unik Entertainment is a reliable reality!
What are the advantages I get when I book with Unik Entertainment?
1) the careful attention to all your requests, the meticulous search for the best solution for you and the opinion of the expert Unik ensure that the event takes place to the best of its potential;
2) the fast and efficient service of our employees guarantees that you will get exactly what you have requested and that you will always receive support and answers to your questions, even after booking;
3) the agreement with the artist allows you to avoid that something goes wrong on the day of your event;
4) the constant assistance of your Unik consultant allows you to find immediate solutions to the occurrence of unforeseen events or execution problems;
5) excellent value for money;
6) high quality artists allow you to create an excellent event. Each artist is evaluated and selected carefully before being included among our collaborators. His performances are constantly monitored to ensure the quality of performance over time;
7) the reliability of the artists and their professionalism, which guarantees the optimal execution of your event at the agreed conditions;
8) accurate, precise and efficient service;
9) the ease of requesting quotes, booking and access to our artists and their services.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can make your deposit by cash, by check or by bank transfer. In most cases the balance is paid locally to the artists on the day of the event. How can I change a reservation? Simply by communicating with us by e-mail or by contacting your Unik advisor directly. In some cases a surcharge may be requested for the extension of the duration of the execution.

How do you select the artists and ensure the quality of their performance?
Each artist is carefully selected by our team of experts. As a first step we evaluate his presentation, his curriculum and his musical and / or artistic repertoire, his demo and his videos. Then we contact the artists for a cognitive interview in which we submit some questions to find as many information as possible, to understand if that artist can fully represent Unik Entertainment. In many cases we personally attend live shows to evaluate the artist's entertainment skills. If all the necessary qualities are recognized to become our collaborator, we insert the artist in our database and we keep track of the feedback after his performances.

I witnessed the performance of a local artist, to what risks do I go to meet by booking without the advice of a support agency?
1) By booking an artist directly you do not have any guarantees if something goes wrong. The biggest risk is that if the artist gets a better deal on the same date as your event, he may cancel the show and your event could be compromised. We guarantee you instead of doing everything necessary so that this does not happen!
2) An artist who books directly does not have to answer to any referent and is not monitored in terms of the quality of his performance. We guarantee the quality of the performance of our artists.
3) The quality of the sounds, lights, instruments and equipment used by artists of high level, and therefore their performances, far exceeds that of low-cost artists. The difference is evident, the image we give, especially when we organize an event, is important. A successful event allows us not to disfigure with our guests!
4) What happens if you pay the deposit to an artist that you booked directly without intermediaries, and the artist does not show up at the event, or disappears or cancels the date without returning the sum you paid? With Unik Entertainment this cannot happen! We do everything possible to replace the artist you have chosen in case of problems, and in case you are not convinced of the alternative we offer, we will refund you entirely of your deposit!

What happens if I have to make a claim?
If you have an important claim you can write directly to our e-mail address and we will be happy to discuss it together. We will then contact the artist to understand what may have happened and we will do our best to find the best solution for you.

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