How to save money when choosing Wedding Music

5 tips to avoid wasting time and money!

Following the advice of Unik Entertainment you will have more money to spend on preparations and the essentials of your wedding!

How to save money when choosing wedding music - 5 tips to avoid wasting time and money!

Following the advice of Unik Entertainment you will have more money to spend on preparations and the essentials of your wedding!

1. Book in low season

Usually the most requested musical groups are very busy during summer months and holidays, like Christmas period, characterized by a large number of corporate parties, festivals, themed events, meetings and conferences. Because of the high number of work offered in such periods, it is very difficult to get discounts and reduced rates, and to start an advantageous negotiation. In these moments, in fact, the Artists can easily find, evaluate and choose between different job offers, deciding to practice their highest price.

If you want to plan your wedding in the quieter months of the year, we suggest between February and April, or between October and November, you are more likely to have the availability of the band you have chosen and to guarantee the reservation of the musicians for your date .
The artists prefer to get wages in the quietest months of the year, months when the work is scarce, so if you have a budget a little lower than the rates required for the entertainment you have chosen, we suggest you do not give up and take make an offer. You could also get additional benefits, such as, for example, request additional options, which are usually paid, and get them at no cost or with a small supplement, using as a weapon in your favor both the period chosen and the making of an advance reservation .
Organizing your wedding away from periods 'hot' can have other advantages: the cost for booking the restaurant or the place where your reception will take place could be lower, you will have more choice regarding the dates when the Church or the The municipal office is available and many guests can immediately confirm their participation as they will not have half booked holidays or other weddings or ceremonies in which to participate!

2. Create your personalized package

Why book two or three different artists when a band already organized and established could provide you with the various services you need?

Many musical groups offer different exhibit alternatives. We could suggest, for example, to start with an Acoustic Duo, who performs during the ceremony, aperitif or lunch / dinner, offering background music and accompaniment, creating the right atmosphere during the reception, and then continue the evening integrating the remaining members of the Band you have chosen and opening the dances, making you and your guests entertain you with Pop, Disco, Jazz, Soul, or Karaoke music. You will end your Special Day so beautifully!

You will pay a single rate defined at the time of booking for all the services you have chosen, all this will allow you to better manage the costs related to your wedding and to efficiently direct your resources.

3. Choose to include the Dj Set

Many bands, when they are not performing, bring accompanying music. Several groups also offer free or discounted Dj Set, to satisfy requests for particular songs that may not have repertoire, but that are for you and your partner important songs or that you have the desire to hear together in the day that seals your union.

You can save money by choosing a Music Group that already offers this service, instead of separately booking a DJ, which will also occupy additional space within the location with the audio system.

4. Reduce waste of time

Often you will have been told that it is always better that the Artists arrive well in advance, so that they prepare their equipment and make the Sound Check with the right timing, and that when you and your guests arrive, everything is ready.

Although this is often a good idea, especially in smaller restaurants and where there is little space for performances, which must all take place in the same space, this choice can have an impact on cost, as many bands require a higher rate if they have to arrive well in advance, for example in the morning for performances to be made during dinner.

5. Book near your home

We all know that travel and accommodation costs can have a major impact on the final fare. Choosing Artists residing in your city or nearby can cut those costs down.
NB. Pay close attention! Many times equally good artists who come from smaller cities, even if more distant, can practice lower rates than those who perform in big cities, which are known are more expensive. 

For further advice and suggestions consult the staff of Unik Entertainment who will guide you on the best choice based on your preferences and your budget

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